Photo by  Ashley Batz

Photo by Ashley Batz


Hi, I'm glad you found me. I'm a writer and brand strategist compelled by a constant desire to tell stories. An early fondness for reading found me tucked into corners, dissolving into the pages that turned before me. While studying literature I fell in love with the Modernists and the ability of words to devise and destroy. Writing taught me to shape character, preserve imagination and advocate for the absurd.

After college, I worked in the linen-lined trenches of luxury hospitality for over eight years and discovered a passion for designing events, evoking sentiment through experience and anticipating the emotional needs of others. This penchant for artistry and entertainment, coupled with my experience in consumer experience, led me to brand storytelling. I endeavor to tell stories in all the ways bound to my own making. Creation is just as much interpretation as it is discovery, and your story could very well be our next unearthing.

Get to know me: A Modern Proustian Introspection

On my nightstand: Beartown, Fredrik Backman

Greatest fear: Time

In the future: I’ll still be reading books with pages stained by time and old libraries, dancing with the robots who manage the record collections of old railroad tycoons

I would love a day in the life of: Virginia Woolf—coat free of stones, mind full of transcendent prose

Heroes of fiction: Amory Blaine, Ivan Karamazov, Franny and Zooey Glass, Clarissa Dalloway “Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy.”

Heroes of the everyday: Those who lack the fear of suspicion, or failure. 

Greatest extravagance: Nostalgia

On what occasion do you lie: When it’s necessary to create

Favorite journey: To the top of the mountains, or the edge of the sea

Home is: Raised in the Northwest, heart in San Francisco, living in Sonoma

Highest value in friends and companions: Honesty. Passion. Hunger. Brains. Superlative dance moves.

The best way to go: A fast car. A good book. A quiet night. The assurance of a stranger.

Words to live by: “That's all we have, finally, the words, and they had better be the right ones.” – Raymond Carver

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