Liz Grant, Liz Designs Things

A friend, a mother, and an incredibly talented graphic designer with an incomparable eye for beauty, Liz Grant is a creative spirit and all-around wonderful human being that truly inspires me. We've worked together on the brand identity of a number of shared clients, and there's no one I'm more excited to pass along a creative brief to. Her design is thoughtful, elegant, clean, and unexpected. She also manages to understand and execute on what might be the most challenging design concept: the beauty and effectiveness of simplicity. 

As a fellow female that's juggling running her one-woman design studio with living in the moment and seeking adventure with her beautiful family, Liz is a pioneer for those of who are doing the same, or hope to do so one day. Did I mention her incomparable eye already? Follow her adventures on Instagram and you'll see what I mean. I love the way she sees the world. 


Name: Liz Grant

Company:  Liz Designs Things

Give your one minute elevator pitch in less than 20 words. Go: I’m a graphic designer helping small businesses build cohesive brand solutions through thoughtful design. 

Why graphic design? Graphic Design was a creative field that seemed to have such a large variety of career paths. There are so many different facets of design that one can explore, and it never ever feels dull. Each project pushes you to find the best solution. There is no solution that works for everyone. That is what is so exciting about it. Working through the mess of ideas, concepts and artboards to find the answer to each design problem is always crazy fun.

What gets you up in the morning? The desire to experience the beauty of the normal everyday with my son, and husband. 

What are two truths about your career that you want neophytes and followers to know? The first truth would be that you can’t force creativity. It needs to feel organic for the good stuff to come to fruition. Second, that learning how to decipher visually what clients often don’t know how to verbally explain will always feel challenging. But, don’t give up. Patience and a messy artboard will eventually lead you to the elusive solution in the end.

What’s one thing about what you’re doing now that you hope changes the status quo, or something you’ve made or done that you hope will outlast you? Personally, everyday trying to raise a human that will be a humble, kind, empathetic human being. Professionally, helping people build confidence and legitimacy in their skill and business.

Today or Tomorrow? Today

What’s your greatest extravagance? I am more into the idea of simple daily extravagances of treating yourself to the small things like a cup of coffee, or fresh flowers.

Name a living or imagined hero. Any immigrant or refugee who has risked everything for the pursuit of safety, freedom and hopefully happiness.

What virtue do you value most?
In yourself: Empathy
In a friend: Dependability

Imagine it’s 1907. What are you doing with your life? Oh man, hopefully working with some of the graphic designers of that time. It would be such a different time in design trends. I would love to see what fonts and layouts designers of that time gravitated towards.

In the future I’ll be... Living in the moment.

Let’s imagine I’m going to take your portrait and I ask that we use a book as a prop—an armrest, a stool, a weapon. What’s the book? Currently, it’s an armrest. Having a little one under two means not a whole lot of time for reading. 

Do you identify with hipsters, yes or no? Of course! If yes, answer A and C, if no, answer B and D. 
What’s in your record player right now? My kid is obsessed with Coldplay. So I have been listening to a whole lot of Chris Martin recently. 
What’s the last great concert you went to that wasn’t a music festival? Ballroom Thieves in Bend, Oregon. Oh, actually I also saw Jimmy Eat World recently as well. Yes, they played all the hits and it was pretty great.
Cold brew or microbrew? Coldbrew
Do you believe in ghosts? Nope

Try to imagine ten days away from a computer—where are you headed and what are doing? On an adventure with my husband and our son, most likely to the northwest, some mountains, a body of water, or catching a live concert.

What are you afraid of? Not remembering the simple and sweet moments of the daily routine that are actually going to be memories I want to revisit as our son grows older.

What part of the future do you see coming and look right in the eyes with comfort and assurance? The life we’ve built full of laughter and the desire to strive for happiness in even the most mundane moments of life.

You’re in the woods and you come across the alien from Stranger Things. He wants to chat (that’s an unexpected twist). What’s the one thing you want to tell him about your time on earth? I tried to make life as good as I could while I was here, for family, myself and those around me. Most importantly, that I did everything I could to spread kindness and acceptance.

A Beautiful Sampling of Liz's Work