Jessica Dodson, 59 Morton

A valued client and collaborator, Jessica Dodson is a true creative spirit with an eye for beauty and a passion for helping others—especially women—express themselves through the inimitable art of fashion. Jessica's newly launched business, 59 Morton, was named as a homage to Jessica's childhood home in New York City. It was an apt delight for us to uncover that No. 59 Morton was once a home to the Girls’ Endeavor Society—a group formed to give support to girls and women who worked for a living. 

Today, 59 Morton is a Bay Area brand that offers a sense of place through community and creative wardrobe guidance that goes beyond the closet. Fashion doesn't come fluidly for everyone, but everyone is a true individual that should have the tools to express their power, creativity, and personality through clothing and accessories. I have no doubt that Jessica is the woman for this job and know that 59 Morton will live up to the empowering service offered by its historical namesake.

Jessica Dodson, Photo by  Michelle Drewes

Jessica Dodson, Photo by Michelle Drewes


Name: Jessica Dodson

Company: 59 Morton

Give your one minute elevator pitch in less than 20 words. Go: I offer wardrobing services and referrals that help people find or rediscover their personal style.

Why fashion? I love the transformative aspect of fashion. Specifically, how what someone wears can affect the way they feel inside and carry themselves on the outside.  Moreover, the artistry that goes into certain clothing, jewelry and accessories takes my breath away.

What gets you up in the morning? My dogs, husband or kids. Sometimes my thoughts or dreams get me up.

What are two truths about your career that you want neophytes and followers to know?  I have a corporate background in marketing, advertising and sales.  I am at my best when working with clients, partners and/or teams.

What’s one thing about what you’re doing now that you hope changes the status quo, or something you’ve made or done that you hope will outlast you?  Through my philanthropic work which centers around youth development, education and empowerment, I hope to have a positive impact on the matriculation, college enrollment, and workforce readiness of children and young adults living in underserved communities in the Bay Area. One of the goals for 59 Morton in 2017 is to team up with an organization that would benefit from the work I am doing.

Today or Tomorrow? Today

What’s your greatest extravagance?  Fashion

I would love a day in the life of... Michelle Obama or Katniss Everdeen

Name a living or imagined hero. Michelle Obama or Katniss Everdeen. Maybe Daenerys Targaryen.

What virtue do you value most?

In yourself:  Commitment, Loyalty, Integrity

In a friend: Trust, Humor, Integrity

Imagine it’s 1907. What are you doing with your life?  Raising a family, furthering a professional career in an industry considered exclusive to men.

In the future I’ll be… An older version of myself now.

Let’s imagine I’m going to take your portrait and I ask that we use a book as a prop—an armrest, a stool, a weapon. What’s the book? A historical fiction novel or biography/autobiography of a musical icon.

Do you identify with hipsters, yes or no? If yes, answer A and C, if no, answer B and D. 

b) What’s the last great concert you went to that wasn’t a music festival? Kanye West or Mary J. Blige and Maxwell’s King and Queen tour.

d) Do you believe in ghosts? I believe in fate and karma, i.e., that there are forces beyond our control.

Try to imagine ten days away from a computer—where are you headed and what are doing?Either in the mountains snowboarding or skate skiing or by a body of water (ocean or lake), reading, sunning, swimming.

What are you afraid of? My kids or husband disappearing.

What part of the future do you see coming and look right in the eyes with comfort and assurance?  A trip to Cabo with 7 of my closest girlfriends to celebrate my recent birthday.

You’re in the woods and you come across the alien from Stranger Things. He wants to chat (that’s an unexpected twist). What’s the one thing you want to tell him about your time on earth? I am not familiar with Stranger Things, but if I were to chat with an alien about my time on earth, I would tell him that it has, at many points, felt blessed.

Does 59 Morton sound like something you'd be interested in? I know I can always use a wardrobe refresh and simply don't have the time to do it all—contrary to many fabulous attempts and beautiful failures. There's not much that excites me more than making valuable connections, introducing bad ass people, and sparking collaboration, so please get it touch.

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