Introducing Proust for Proprietors

Proust for Proprietors, A Founders Survey, Created by Meghan Marsh King

Proust for Proprietors was born out of my desire to share the stories of brands, founders, makers, creators, rule breakers, and changemakers who are doing bold things that everyone should be privy to. 

I’ve always been a fan of the questionnaire popularized by Marcel Proust. (I'm also a fan of In Search of Lost Time, so perhaps I can't be trusted.) I refashioned the format and rewrote the questions with modernity and imagination at hand, and here we are. 

People do incredible things with their talents and their time. I want to shout their stories from the rooftops. I want to scoop the guts off the floor and show them to you. Perhaps that's why I got into branding and storytelling in the first place. Ultimately, by asking a series of questions, the series seeks to illuminate the visions and attributes of the proprietors that I admire.

If you know anyone at the helm of their own shop, brand or wild dream, send me a note and let's spread the word.