Emily Martin, The JetSetting Fashionista

Let's call Emily Martin a Jane of All Trades, because seemingly she can manage and master it all. At the helm of her her own business, Emily Martin Communications & Events—a firm focused on marketing, branding, strategy, communications, and events—Emily also maintains a successful blog and jet sets around the Bay Area (and beyond) to keep us up to date on food and wine trends that are not to be missed. Just one look at Emily's Instagram feed and you'll recognize her as a voice and palate to be reckoned with. It's also guaranteed to make you really, really hungry; but luckily you'll be equipped with ideas on where, when, and how to score your next meal or libation. Don't miss her Top 10 Lists, a personal favorite.

And if all of that wasn't enough, Emily is a midwesterner at heart who could charm a shark and get a mute to speak. As another female making her way as a business woman and entrepreneur, Emily is a collaborator and a friend—and my first choice to hit the wineries with.

Name: Emily Martin

Proust for Proprietors, Emily Martin

Proust for Proprietors, Emily Martin

Company: Emily Martin Communications & Events & The JetSetting Fashionista

Give your one minute elevator pitch in less than 20 words. Go: Originally hailing from the Midwest, then spending 11 years after college in New York City in the Retail world with retailers including Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Bloomingdale’s my background is luxury retail, hospitality, event planning,  marketing and branding. Those are the areas I am most passionate about which is why my Communications & Events company offers Marketing, Branding, Strategy, Communications & Events Services. I cater my services to each client’s needs allowing for meaningful, unique opportunities and collaborations together.

What gets you up in the morning? I am always hungry (that’s a food blogger for you!), for a new challenge and learning new things.  Upon graduating from Business School at 29 I told myself my school days were done and now as a Californian I’ve taken on multiple personal challenges in the wine world with a California Wine Appellation Specialist from the San Francisco Wine School, an Italian Wine Course with the North American Sommelier Association as well as taken classes with The Court of Masters Sommeliers. Clearly my school days will never end!  Outside of the classroom I am a very curious ambitious person and always love a challenge whether personally or professionally. Having traveled since a young age (visiting 37 countries) I love to see the world and experience other cultures and lifestyles which my blog gives me the opportunity to do and share with my readers.

What are two truths about your career that you want neophytes and followers to know? I want people to understand I have a Retail Background (by trade), however, with 15+ years of Event Planning and Fundraising and 7+ years of curating and managing my blog, The JetSetting Fashionista, I have a diverse background of unique skills and passions that all really intertwine within Hospitality, Branding, Marketing & Events.

What’s one thing about what you’re doing now that you hope changes the status quo, or something you’ve made or done that you hope will outlast you? For me leaving the corporate world and a 9-5 job was challenging the status quo. If you asked me in my 20’s where I’d be in my 30’s I would have imagined in the corporate Retail/Fashion world. My move to California really inspired me to chase my passion for Food, Wine & Hospitality and create my Marketing & Events Company.

What’s your greatest extravagance? This sounds silly but after admiring my cousin’s watch for 5+ years (A Cartier Roadster), after graduating from business school and being awarded a Dean’s Scholarship for founding and leading a Retail Club I treated myself and bought the watch.  Still to this day it feels like the most extravagant “splurge” however, it brings me so much joy and reminds me of how hard I worked during my two years in business school that it’s really more of a symbol of my accomplishments and drive than just a fancy watch.

I would love a day in the life of...  My life is pretty great so I don’t want to not appreciate the flexible lifestyle I have and the amazing opportunities I am given each and every day. However, I would love someday to have a family and a partner to share life with.

What virtue do you value most?

In yourself: Loyalty. I have been told by many many friends that is one of my greatest skills which I am proud to hear and value in my friends so am flattered I possess this quality.

In a friend: Dependability. As you get older having friends you can count on is very important. Whether they’re a friend you take a walk with, have a glass of wine with, whatever your unique relationship is being able to depend and count on a friend is priceless.  

In the future I’ll be… Continuing to have my own business with Marketing, Events & a Strategy Focus. Hopefully still writing for the blog, The JetSetting Fashionista, traveling and enjoying life.  I do dream that someday I’ll write for a larger print publication such as Conde Nast, Travel & Leisure or Food & Wine. A girl’s gotta have goals, right?!

Let’s imagine I’m going to take your portrait and I ask that we use a book as a prop—an armrest, a stool, a weapon. What’s the book? Best spots to Travel in the world or Wine Folly.

Do you identify with hipsters, yes or no? If yes, answer A and C, if no, answer B and D.

What’s the last great concert you went to that wasn’t a music festival? Chicago at Wente Vineyard.

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes.

Try to imagine ten days away from a computer—where are you headed and what are doing?  I’m in a remote ideally tropical destination such as Australia traveling, exploring the local country, wine tasting, relaxing and unplugging.

What are you afraid of? Not growing and being challenged professionally and not succeeding with my own business resulting in having to go back to a 9-5 job working for someone else. Being your own boss is incredible and a lifestyle I would like to keep.

You’re in the woods and you come across the alien from Stranger Things. He wants to chat (that’s an unexpected twist). What’s the one thing you want to tell him about your time on earth? To please not hurt me. I’m not really a science fiction girl so not sure I believe I’d see an alien, although I do watch Game of Thrones religiously and do believe in the white walkers so I guess there are aliens after all.