Drew Amoroso, Founder of Move Legal

Drew Amoroso will change your mind about lawyers. I was lucky enough to work with Drew on branding Move Legal—a law firm dedicated exclusively to innovators in the fitness industry. It's a niche area of the law that few people are aware of, and a service that few firms offer. In fact, as Drew aptly points out below, it's so specific that you might think it's made up. But it's not—it's simply the product of someone who is so passionate about an industry that he created a business around helping industry leaders rise up, protect themselves, and carve out new space in a ever-growing frontier. And who wouldn't want someone in their corner who is just as ardent about the fitness space as you are? If you find yourself at a gym or noshing or some delicious paleo goods—look around and take note, there's a good chance you're enjoying the fruit of Drew's counsel.

I'm thrilled to share Drew's story and a bit about Move Legal because it's an example of what I love about great brands—resoluteness. When you're getting started it's easy to cast a wide net to ensure that you can always take something home and not risk alienation in the process. But it's another thing to decide what you're after, travel miles to get it, and cast a net that only brings in something that just a small group hungers for. As the story goes, these kind of fishermen create the very best disciples and fundamentally change our notion about what it means to create a meaningful brand. I just hope that whatever the catch of the day is, it's Paleo.

So without further ado, here is my first installation of Proust for Proprietors. No founders were harmed in the making of this survey—at least not yet.

Name: Drew Amoroso

Company: Move Legal

Give your one minute elevator pitch in less than 20 words. Go: I practice fitness law. (Other person in elevator: “Really, what’s that? Never heard of it, sounds made up.”) I represent fitness companies and help them grow their brand and protect their business.

Why fitness law? I have a passion for helping and teaching people, but it wasn’t until just recently that I figured out the most professionally satisfying way for me to execute on that passion. For years I was a lawyer doing work I wasn’t excited about, and at the same time was into fitness and health and wellness. A few years ago I combined the two by starting to represent innovative companies in the fitness space, and then just recently started my own firm to pursue that passion full time. It’s interesting, challenging, and I don’t know anyone else who’s doing what I do, so I feel like I’m out in front of a big opportunity. I couldn’t be happier.

What gets you up in the morning? At the moment, it’s the idea of growing my business and meeting the goals I’ve set. On an ideal morning, it’s the smell of bacon or coffee.

What are two truths about your career that you want neophytes and followers to know? (1) The inner core of my career is nothing more than being excited about what I do—I trust it and it drives everything else. (2) I’m on a mission to bring fitness law to the masses to help educate emerging companies and demystify how a lawyer can help a growing business.

What’s one thing about what you’re doing now that you hope changes the status quo, or something you’ve made or done that you hope will outlast you? I’d like to help fitness law achieve a seat at the table with other major legal disciplines like sports law or entertainment law. It’s a tall order, but I think we’ve got a good shot.

Today or Tomorrow? Today, every time.

What’s your greatest extravagance? I think great food is worth every penny and I won’t think twice about paying for it. Pretty soon I want it to be that I fly first-class, everywhere.

I would love a day in the life of… My Italian ancestors from way back. As in the sixteenth or seventeenth century. I always wonder what their lives were like.

What virtue do you value most?

In yourself: Steadfastness

In a friend: Steadfastness

In the future I’ll be… I’m involved with a non-profit called StandUpKids whose mission is to raise money to purchase standing desks for elementary schools, and our goal is eventually to get every child in the country in a standing desk. Sitting crushes kids both physically and mentally, and a lot of issues we are seeing with our youth can be linked to inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle. So in the future I’d like to be helping to raise millions for that cause.

Let’s imagine I’m going to take your portrait and I ask that we use a book as a prop—an armrest, a stool, a weapon. What’s the book? Either Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Marie Rilke or The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. But I hope I’m not using them as an armrest, they’re both pretty thin.

Do you identify with hipsters, yes or no? If yes, answer A and C, if no, answer B and D

A) What’s in your record player right now? The Black Keys.

C) Cold brew or microbrew? Nitro Coldbrew made by one of my clients, Caveman Coffee. It’s an addiction.

Try to imagine ten days away from a computer—where are you headed and what are doing? I’m either on a beach reading and working on my non-existent tan, or in a cabin in the woods with a hot cup of coffee.

What are you afraid of? Dentists. I know they’re well-intentioned, but c’mon. Couldn’t we make the tools look and sound less scary?

What part of the future do you see coming and look right in the eyes with comfort and assurance? I’m not saying this from a place of overconfidence, but my answer right now is all of it. And what I mean by that is life is filled with uncertainty and disappointment and challenges—but the farther along in life I get, the more I realize that everything ends up working out ok in the end if you think it will and find a way to make it so.

You’re in the woods and you come across the alien from Stranger Things. He wants to chat (that’s an unexpected twist). What’s the one thing you want to tell him about your time on earth? That I followed my gut and did the best I could with what I had.

Proust for Proprietors, Drew Amoroso, Photo by Sarah Deragon of  Portraits to the People

Proust for Proprietors, Drew Amoroso, Photo by Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People

Interested in learning more about Drew and what he does for fitness, health and wellness brands? Give him a shout here