Writing, strategy and consulting for brands that believe in the art of story

Specializing in brand storytelling for the pioneering, purposeful, curious, and those simply looking to reimagine their narrative. With a background in hospitality, food and beverage,  luxury products, retail and consumer experience, I focus on clients and projects in the hospitality and lifestyles industries and beyond. I strive to create experiences—both aesthetic and experiential—that last long beyond their telling.



Brand strategy, storytelling, content creation, writing and web presence—from audits to best practices and hands-on development.



Founder and Creative Director Meghan Marsh King is writer and brand strategist compelled by a constant desire to tell meaningful, interesting and disruptive stories. At the helm of her own brand, Meghan deals directly with clients, writes as much as possible and never shies away from an opportunity to tell a story in whatever medium possible. 

Photo by Ashley Batz

Photo by Ashley Batz